Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship:
9:30 am

Sunday Morning Class:
11:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship:
6:00 pm

Building Address

1701 West Main St

Medford, OR  97501

Phone Number

541 772 9640

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Friend, at the West Main Church of Christ we have defined our purpose as “Becoming a body of loving Christians.”  We hope that you will find us to be a friendly congregation when you visit our assemblies.  We want you to feel the depth and certainty of our love.  We genuinely want the best to happen for you personally.

To achieve that purpose for everyone means several things:

    We, more than anything, want to assist and encourage people to know the gladness, sweetness, comfort and security they can find in Jesus.  Trusting in him because of what he has done for us, living his life by thinking, feeling and doing as he did and becoming one with him in the new birth starts one on a journey of eternal destiny.  We would be happy to know where you are on that journey.

    We, because we have felt hurt through losses of loved ones, through health and life issues, want to be at your side in similar needs.  So many have helped us in such hours that we are eager to share in that love with others.

    We, with some of us having learned the joys of married love and others of us having tasted the bitterness of disrupted marriages, would want to be friends of all who are struggling or rejoicing in such a close and important relationship.

    We, having children and grandchildren of our own, know of the comfort and wisdom that others have given us at different stages along the way.  As best we can, we would enjoy passing on what we have received so lovingly from others.

    We, having found superb guidance in a study of the Holy Scriptures, would be eager to spend some time in study as many have done over the centuries and come away with greater clarity and certainty of the will of God for our lives and destiny.

       In brief, we want you to be a part of the loving family that we have decided to be.  We invite you to be our guests in the morning assembly on Sundays, at 10:15 a.m.  We would want you to worship with us and uplift the God who is Creator of heaven and earth.

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