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Sunday Morning Worship:
9:30 am

Sunday Morning Class:
11:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship:
6:00 pm

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1701 West Main St

Medford, OR  97501

Phone Number

541 772 9640

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Home Bulletins


July 23, 2014



Marriage is Not a Private Affair


Last Saturday as parents, Corinne and  I had one of

life's proudest moments . . .



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July 16, 2014



Blessings of Family and Ministry


In our busy world, vacations these days often seem

few and far between.  They are hard to plan . . .



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July 9, 2014



While Away From Home


In many parts of the world today people are fleeing

from the tyranny of armies and merciless dictators . . .




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July 2, 2014



Free Desire


The last five commandments of the Ten Commandments

speak to our human desires . . .



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June 25, 2014




Camp time is finally here and it is

NO exaggeration that we are going to have . . .



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