Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship:
9:30 am

Sunday Morning Class:
11:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship:
6:00 pm

Building Address

1701 West Main St

Medford, OR  97501

Phone Number

541 772 9640

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Home Bulletins


October 30, 2013

Why Is Church Important?


In today's world it is easy to come up with reasons to not go to church.  There are many and we are busy . . .




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October 23, 2013



Life In A Minority


When Christians think of themselves as a moral majority

with the power to save our nation . . .



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October 16, 2013



The Electromagnetic Force


When our God gave us the elements of matter,

He also gave us forces that hold them together . . .





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October 9, 2013



Honest Faith



Recently I was walking with my I-pod when a song called,

"Outdoor Type" came on . . .




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October 2, 2013




the act of withdrawing into seclusion; a period of group withdrawal

for religious exercises and meditation, and for study and direction




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