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Home Bulletins February 26, 2014

February 26, 2014



Blurred Lines:

God, Sexuality and Marriage Part II

March 14-16



Friday Night 6:00-9:00 (childcare and refreshments provided)

Saturday Night 5:30-9:00 (dinner and childcare provided)

Sunday AM- morning class



Last year we started this discussion. We had a powerful weekend looking at sexuality and how the church should address it. We discussed God’s plan for our bodies. We looked at ways the church has messed up when talking about this in the past and ways we could do better. We saw sobering statistics that convicted us that we needed to do SOMETHING.



In the conclusion to this study we will look at the institution of marriage. We will look at the question of how the church can address the homosexuality issue in our culture. We will look at God designed gender distinctions. We will look at the way society sees it versus how God sees it. We will discuss ways to re-frame the debate for a non religious world. We will discuss the sanctity of marriage and what God intends it to be.



It is our hope that you can all be part of this event. We look forward to seeing you there.


-- Pannell






A casual look at the shape of the eastern coastlines of the American continents will see how they form a jigsaw “fit” to the western coastlines of Europe and Africa.  Ancient magnetic fields, frozen in coastal rocks of the counterpart continents, confirm that they were once connected together, but have now drifted apart from a single super-continent (Pangaea) that once existed.



Earthquake measurements have further defined the resulting “plates” that now form the separated continents and have given birth to the science of Plate Tectonics that describe the ongoing dynamics of continental movements.  Since these writings are dedicated to pointing out the grace of God as seen in our physical surroundings here on Earth, we now ask our oft repeated question, “How has man been served by the many separated land masses?”



As I write this paper, Pacific sea breezes are cooling the air outside.  Since my home here in North San Diego County is only thirty-three degrees north of the equator, normal daytime temperatures might well be in the low one-hundreds.  But because the heat capacity of water is so much greater than that of land, sunlight heats land much more quickly than water.  As a result, heated air rising over the land climbs upward, leaving a void that is filled with in-rushing cool air from the ocean.  This effect builds up each day and makes life more pleasant, while folks across a mountain range some one-hundred miles to the east are hiding inside air conditioned homes.



With the many continental land masses today, coastlines are distributed over the whole Earth.  As a result, our benefit here in Southern California also occurs in many other areas.  Similar temperature moderation takes place nearer the poles of the Earth, i.e. Seattle, where cold climates are made warmer along the coastlines.  As a consequence, much more of the Earth is livable because of the various coastlines bordering the many continents.



Since the ocean food chain begins with aquatic plant life, shallow coastal water with penetrating sunlight are ready feeding grounds for small fish.  Nutrients for plant life are stirred up from the ocean floor by breaking waves that are in turn energized by tidal forces.  As a boy, surf fishing was a favorite pastime, and was best as fish came shoreward with an incoming tide to dine on sunbathed plants in the shallow waters.  Since fish is the source of protein for so much of the Earth’s population, famines would likely be much more common without our numerous shorelines.



Ocean freight is much less costly than freight by land.  Earth’s ocean waterways have greatly reduced the cost of food and goods that can be shipped by water.



Even peace among warlike men has been aided by the separation of the continents.  Only in recent years have men been able to wage large scale war across vast oceans.  We have finally been allowed to forge the moats that protected us for so long, and do our brothers in.  Even so, we thank our loving Father for every detail of his protective creation.


– James Gibbs



SOUTHERN OREGON CHRISTIAN CAMP 2014 -- French playwright, Molierre once said, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” That is my current motto in planning our camp this summer!



The year is ticking away already and before we know it, June and July will be here! This is a big year in SOCC’s history. We are moving to a new location! While this is exciting, it also brings all kinds of new challenges. EVERYTHING we know about planning and executing our camp is being completely retooled. So we are going to need your help. We are going to need your prayers! With the slight increase in costs, and changes in who has to pay, we really need to raise funds this year. We are praying for a BIG fund raiser dinner in April! The new facility is incredible and we believe God is going to do mighty things for us at Kellogg Springs! We have a pool, a gym, river tubing, zip line, alpine swing, etc! Now all we need is you!



Some of the greatest experiences I have had have been in the boundaries of SOCC. We are surrounded by amazing people, God’s beautiful creation, and the Holy Spirit. It is always a life changing week. I think this year will be even bigger.



Can you please start planning your calendars now? I can promise you that you do NOT want to miss this week! Camp this year is June 29-July 5. The cost will be $210. In the coming weeks we will be showing videos of the new location, and making announcements about fund raising opportunities. It’s going to be awesome!  Let’s do this!


- Pannell



Vacation Bible School will be scheduled for the week of July 21 or the week of July 28. Let Denise Beeks know which week is better for you.  Thanks!



Camp Yamhill Men’s Retreat  -- The Camp Yamhill Men’s Retreat will be March 7-8. It begins at 8:00 a.m. on Friday and ends at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. The cost is $60.00 and an additional $25.00 if you arrive on Thursday evening. Dan Beeks is planning on going up on Thursday afternoon, if you would like to ride along please let him know. West Main will be sponsoring this event next year, so let’s support it well this year.



The Daddy-Daughter-Dinner-Dance is scheduled for April 26 for all girls ages 5-18 years old. Tickets will be on sale soon. Contact Marcie Dixon if you need more information.



Mexico FundRaiser and Auction  --Thank you for all of your help for our dinner and auction - we were able to raise $6,687.00 from the auction and your generous donations. Our mission trip is scheduled for March 22-30. Trip registration forms are available in the office or you can contact Grant or Valda Newton for more information.



Prayer Requests . . . For Shirley Barlow, Grace Haefner and Fay Coghlin as they recover from surgery...For Severta Shipley as she recovers from a fall...For Ryan Prentice as he undergoes heart surgery this week...For Truman Scott who has been having angina pains...For the brother-in-law of Wydie Denn, George, who is near death...For Jenny Way to have a clear mind...For Katie, granddaughter of Eva Loy Knight, who is expecting a baby anytime...For Nick & Shannon Love, that God will give them the understanding to raise their children according to God’s will and purpose...For David Mayes to be a good influence on his friends...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




January Financial Statement


General Fund Contributions


$  28,674.00

Non-Budgeted Contributions


$ 13,232.43

Development Funds & Rents


$  1,927.00

Interest/Other Income


$    90.76

Total Income for Month


$  43,924.19



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Coffee Servers: Don and Alice Sweet

Nursery: Mar 2 & 9: Stacey Robbins

Mar 16: Codi Spodnik

Mar 23 & 30: Kathy Hutsell

Greeters: Charlie & Michele Michael

Mark & Kristy Moreno

Children’s Worship: Brad & Christi Olson





1st Sunday    242

2nd Sunday   263

3rd Sunday    239

4th Sunday    281



Calendar of Events

Mar 7-8: Yamhill Men’s Retreat

Mar 14-16: Blurred Lines Seminar

Mar 22-30: Mexico Mission Trip

April 6: Bible Buster Art Show

April 26: Daddy-Daughter Dinner