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Home Bulletins March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014






In our upcoming Blurred Lines seminar in May, we will be continuing our conversation on human sexuality. In this second part to our study on human sexuality we will focus our attention in part on this ancient and familiar Genesis text: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27).



The Genesis text awakens us to the fundamental creation mandate of being sexually differentiated as male and female. Before one command is given on how to live before God and with one another, we see that our sexual difference is a part of what it means to be created in the “image of God” and shapes in large measure what we are as human beings (male and female). Yet it seems that the theological and moral significance of sexual difference is not often discussed in our congregation. Perhaps we take for granted an understanding of our sexual difference as obvious and therefore not worth considering.



It may be that familiarity breeds neglect as well as contempt. Our seminar seeks to rectify this neglect and put forward a positive, moral, and theologically constructive presentation on the value of being male and female for God’s covenant of marriage. Why does sexual difference matter when engaging in the practice of marriage? How does sexual difference affect the ethics of marriage? Why and how is sexual difference morally and theologically significant?



Inevitably, questions concerning the same-sex marriage debate will also require our attention. If sexual difference is not morally and theologically fundamental to marriage, then why object to same-sex marriage? How could we morally, ethically, and legally deny those with same-sex attraction the joys, privileges, and blessings of marriage if sexual difference is not a fundamental necessity of the marriage covenant?



Simply saying, “Because God says so!” is an answer, but not much of an explanation. We need as a body of believers to unpack the power of God’s Word on the significance of being male and female for the marriage covenant. We need a positive message on male and female. Too often we argue from a negative to a positive. In other words, we talk about how wrong same-sex marriage is and then hope by default to see how right is sexual differentiated marriage. The problem of such an approach is that we typically end up with more negative than positive, because we spend more time on the negative not leaving much room for the positive. Therefore, many outside the church seem to know more about what we stand against, then what we stand for.



The Blurred Lines seminar seeks to be more positive than negative. Our hope is to discover the beautiful picture the Revelation of God paints of being male and female within the marriage covenant. We pray that such an appreciation inspires all people, regardless of the nature of their sexual attractions, to desire the honor and promotion of an exclusive sexual differentiation for the marriage covenant. Such an appreciation will be a blessing for the Church as well as our society.


– Terry




Bible Busters Art Show  -- Announcing the Bible Busters Art Show hosted by the 4th-6th grade class! Please mark your calendars and plan to attend Sunday, April 6th at 6:00 p.m. All Bible Busters classes will have featured art from their classes.

We would be honored to invite the Youth Group and all adults to submit art for the show as well. More details to come. Please contact April Olson or Jessie Pannell for information. See you there!



Prime Timers Spring Luncheon will be held on Thursday, April 10, at 11:30 a.m. at Hometown Buffet. Please call Joan Tisdel to RSVP.



Sunday Evening Ladies Bible Study  -- Ladies and No Gentlemen: You are welcome to join us at a Bible Study meeting at the building from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Sunday nights beginning April 13th. We will be studying God’s Word through Exodus using Priscilla Shirer’s study, One in a Million. The study is eight weeks long with seven DVD sessions. Member books are available for $12. Invite your friends and plan to come! Contact Jessie Pannell for more information or to order a book.



The Daddy-Daughter-Dinner-Dance is scheduled for April 26 for all young ladies ages 5-18 years old and their favorite adult gentleman. Tickets will be on sale through April 9 for $12.00 per person.   This special evening will include: dinner, dessert, dancing, partner games, a keepsake photo, and a sterling silver bracelet charm. Contact Marcie Dixon if you need more information.



New Directories  -- Our new 2014 Directories are now available on the information center in the courtyard or on the lobby tables. Please take only one directory per family. The directories in the binders are for new members only or those members who did not get a binder. (Our Elders are revising the 2014 Ministry Responsibility and Resource pages and we will publish them as a supplement to the directory later.)



Southern Oregon Christian Camp  -- It is not too early to start thinking about Camp 2014. We will be at a new location this year in the Roseburg/Winston area. It is called Kellogg Springs Camp, and it is beautiful! Also, our camp time will come a week earlier than usual – June 29 - July 5, so mark your calendar now and start saving your registration dollars now. The cost has gone up this year to $210.00 per camper, but if you start setting some money aside each week or month it is manageable. We are looking forward to having you there!



Scholarships Available  -- Each year Rogue Credit Union awards scholarships to local students and adults seeking to advance their careers with a degree. Each scholarship is a one time gift of $1,500.   Please see the flyer posted on the courtyard bulletin board or go to for more information. The deadline to apply is March 31, so don’t wait!



Prayer Requests . . . For Donna York who has been ill with a cold...For the son of Clara Arnold, James, who is to have both knees replaced this week...Harold and Marie Anthony request prayers for Charles who is in jail again...For all of our members who will be traveling to San Felipe, Mexico, this week...For Shepherd Thomas who had surgery on his broken arm this past week - please pray for his complete healing...Jenny Way requests prayers for patience and for progress in her recovery from her brain injury...Our sympathy is extended to Denise Beeks whose mother recently passed away - for their safety as the family is traveling...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.



95th Birthday Party  -- The family of Al Vice invites you to celebrate Al’s 95th Birthday on Saturday, April 12, at the Clubhouse at Mountain View Estates from 2-4:00 p.m. It is located at 333 Mt. View Drive, Talent, OR. Please join us - your friendship with our dad is a treasured gift.



Calendar of Events

March 22-30: Mexico Mission Trip

April 6: Bible Buster Art Show

April 10: Prime Timers Luncheon

April 26: Daddy-Daughter Dinner