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Home Bulletins April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014






It was on a tired Friday afternoon that I attended a lecture at Scripps Oceanographic Institute. The speaker was an old scientist from the world of hydrodynamics whose topic was the scientific method and how theories could be verified as true. The year was 1960. As a graduate student, I had been exposed to enough theories and derived laws to prompt my interest in what the old water-warrior had to say.



He drew a vertical line on the blackboard and labeled the space left of the line as the world of sense – where observations could be made about real happenings in the material world. The space to the right of the line he labeled as the world of abstract thought, where theories are born to propose likely laws that explained the observations.



But the proof of theories, he said, was to apply them repeatedly back into the material world in new and different areas to see if they were generally true. This cycle of going back and forth across his line was then the basis of the validation he proposed. The old gentleman’s clear reasoning held my attention and I was glad that I had taken the time to hear him out.



Because I had been convinced as a youth to believe in Christ, a natural question came to mind during the lecture. What about the ideas in Christianity that I had come to believe; what proof did I have to offer that they were true? The good news of Christ had not been taught to me as based on experimental discovery, but as announcements of truth. How could proclamations or announcements qualify as truth per se?



My thoughts then returned to our lecturer’s blackboard drawing and his cycle from the world of ideas back into the world of observable facts. This kind of proof was available to Christians too! The teachings of Jesus could also be put to the test repeatedly in a world where people lived.



Such a test needs to be two-fold. Did Jesus identify real and basic human problems, or did he deal with often emphasized peripheral matters? Also, were his solutions unique in their ability to solve the real pitfalls of man, or were they merely band-aids?



Chapters 5-8 of Matthew’s life of Christ offer a concentrated sample of Jesus’ identification of problems and prescriptions for the ills of the human race. He began with the “beatitudes,” dealing with how we are to view ourselves and others around us. Therein lays the roots of most of our problems. What follows in these chapters is an identification of cures for marriage disruption, animosity, love of money, and other big problems that have always had a foothold in our fallen world. The truths he announced fit our needs like Cinderella’s slipper.



Not only what Jesus said, but what he did, has the ring of truth. He dealt with guilt, and our inability to right past wrongs in our lives. He personified the justice of a holy God by assuming our guilt on the cross. In this, he solved a problem that all of the philosophers of the world could not help us with. These are the proofs Christians have to offer to a doubting world.


– James Gibbs




Campers Looking for Support  --  On Saturday, May 3, there is an opportunity for you to work hard and earn some GOOD money towards your camp fees. Please contact Brian Pannell ASAP for details.


Camp Fund-Raising Dinner  -- Our Camp Dinner will be on Saturday, May 10, at 6:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room. Please be thinking of how you can help. Please contact Brian or Jessie Pannell to volunteer.


Camp Registrations Coming Soon  -- Camp Registrations will be available soon. Watch for the announcement for when they will be available!! They will need to be returned by June 15. Camp is $210.00 per camper.



Graduation Ceremony and Receptions  -- Stephen and Diane Liles are pleased to announce the high school graduation of their daughter, Rachel, and Don and Zana Walker are pleased to announce the graduation of their daughter, Tabitha, from Jackson County Home Educators. Everyone is invited to their graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 10, at 2:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church on Crater Lake Avenue.


The parents will be hosting a reception for their daughter on May 18 at their homes. The reception for Tabitha Walker will be from 2-4:00 p.m.; and the reception for Rachel Liles will be from 3-5:00 p.m.. Please come join us as we celebrate their graduation!


Save the Date  -- Please save the date of May 16 & 17 for our continuing seminar, Blurred Lines: God and Sexuality and Marriage, Part II. It is our hope that you can be part of this event. More details to come.



Coffee Servers  -- Coffee servers are needed for June and July. If you can help, please sign up on the notice posted by the stairs in the East Hallway. All help is greatly appreciated!



Prayer Requests . . . . For Severta Shipley as she continues to recover at home - she is under 24 hour-a-day care, but would love company - please call first before going to visit her...For K Li that her left shoulder will go back in place and that she will be able to sell her business...Emma Tompkins had a heart attack recently - please pray for her full recovery - she is at home...Al Vice was in the hospital last week with pneumonia but is now at home and feeling better...Cloie Love thanks God for giving her a wonderful family...Jenny Way requests prayers for patience and understanding...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.



March  Financial Statement


General Fund Contributions        $22,099.00
Non-Budgeted Contributions        $4,036.59
Development Funds & Rents        $1,927.00
Interest/Other Income                       $0.20
Total Income for Month        $28,062.79


Administration and Payroll          $12,829.62
Youth on Fire                              $1,786.17
Vision Ministries                               $73.85
Office                                         $1,029.13
Nurturing Brethren                         $125.50
Operational Ministries                  $3,311.28
Worship & Facilities                     $1,354.87
Non-Budgeted Mission               $10,635.88
Development & Kings Hwy           $4,247.62
Total Monthly Expenses        $28,457.32

May  Servers

Coffee Servers: Laura Drew

Greeters: Brian & Jessie Pannell
                Bob & Lee Stapp
Nursery: May 4: Jessica Fitzsimmons
               May 11: Codi Spodnik
               May 18: Melodie Bailey
               May 25: Kathy Hutsell

Children’s Worship Servers:
Josh & Chaley Johnson
April Attendance

1st  Sunday    274     3rd Sunday    286
2nd Sunday    259     4th Sunday    283
Calendar of Events

May 10: Camp Fund-Raising Dinner

May 16 & 17: Blurred Lines Seminar

June 29-July 5: Camp at Kellogg Springs

July 21-25: Vacation Bible School