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Home Bulletins May 28, 2014

May 28, 2014





Every year I marvel at the way our kids at West Main are growing up! How do they keep doing this while I don’t age???   :) The little boys whose diapers I changed are now taller than me and the little girls, some of which I rocked to sleep as babies are now beautiful young ladies! In my own family it is no different. Our son is about to start 6th grade, and our girls are entering 1st and 4th! It’s so funny how we feel like we stay the same, but these kiddos are just growing up faster and faster all around us!



These situations are all stark reminders of the sometimes cruel reality of time. It moves on whether we like it or not, and as it does, we watch things grow all around us! There is NOTHING we can do in our PHYSICAL lives to stop this growth from happening. We cannot keep folks from getting older, regardless of how much we may want to. As much as we want it to be different, people grow up and grow older.



There is only one realm in existence where we have ANY control over our own growth. That of course, is in our SPIRITUAL lives. When it comes to our relationships with our Savior, we will only grow if we choose to. God’s deepest desire is for us to grow in him and his knowledge, but he doesn’t “force” it. We actually CAN stop growth if we so choose. The choice is yours and mine ... will we continue to feed on “milk” or eat the solid food of a Christian who is “growing up?” (I Corinthians 3)



As much as we may sometimes want our kids to stop growing up and stay at the precious size where we can still bounce them on our knee and hold them, we can do nothing about it. But we can make sure that they grow in the Lord! And we can make sure our whole family does! The question then for all of us is this: What are we doing to “grow up?” Are we studying? Praying? Learning? I pray we all strive to find the answer to this question.



This Sunday please join us as we honor several of our kids who have “GROWN UP” and are graduating. Our prayer for them is that as they start this new chapter of life, they never stop growing in the Lord!



“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. II Peter 3:18


– Pannell







All of us are familiar with Paul’s words, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Cor 13:13). In a chapter where Paul mentions virtually every kind of Christian practice, “faith, hope, and love” form a kind of trinity summarizing the life of the believer. Faith, hope and love, together, is the engine that drives the believer forward till “perfection comes,” and “the imperfect disappears,” and we stand “face to face” with the One who knows us better than we know ourselves (1 Cor 13:10, 12).



While the necessity for discipleship clearly includes faith and hope, it is love above all that is necessary. Literally, “at the end of the day,” love is the driving force and purpose of life. But herein rests a dilemma: Love as a word seems to cover virtually everything so that it means nothing. The word love is thrown around loosely in our culture today to represent everything from loving chocolate, making love, to loving God. Despite the belief of some that chocolate is “divine,” how can one word possibly encompass the love of God and the love of chocolate?



What is necessary today in considering love is a more precise definition. It seems that love is used as the justification for almost anything and everything someone might think, believe, or do. For instance, some object to any biblical prohibition of same-sex marriage because of the love a same-sex couple feels for each other. How can same-sex relations be wrong if there is love between them? Or what of the atrocities of war committed in human history out of a “love of country”? The impression frequently given is that virtually everything is justified as long as love is the reason. Not everyone shares the same loves, so how can there be any judgments about the rightness or wrongness of what one chooses to love?



Is love pliable according to every individual whim, belief, feeling, and dictate someone might desire to exercise? Another way of asking about love would be to ask, “Are there any absolute prohibitions on love?” Can we say what love is or is not? The Word of God declares, “God is love” (1 John 4:8). Since God is love, then surely not everything an individual wants to do can be done regardless of the holiness of God. God defines what love is and is not. Love needs a disciplined focus in discipleship grounded and guided in Scripture, for apart from Revelation we cannot know the depth and breadth of God’s love.



Starting next week, we are beginning our summer theme here at West Main. We are calling it, “The Summer of Love.” From our Sunday morning Bible class, sermons, to fellowships we will be emphasizing God’s love. We invite you to participate with us as we strive to define love according to the One who is Love: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If God is the meaning of life, and God is love, then there is no meaning in life without the love of God. Whatever else we may say or do in the Christian walk, “love” is “the greatest of these.”   


                                                                                           – Terry




Summer of Love is our theme this year for our summer activities. We will kick off our summer with a hamburger and hot dog barbeque this Sunday, June 1, after morning worship services. We will provide all the food - just come and be a part of this fun fellowship and learn about all the activities that we have planned for this summer.



Prime Timers “Beginning of Summer” Potluck-Picnic will be Thursday, June 5, from noon to 2:00 p.m. at Holmes Park on South Modoc Avenue in Medford. There is No Electricity so please bring cold food items to share. Bring your own drinks, lawn chairs, a plastic table cloth and lawn games. We will furnish paper plates, plastic silverware, plastic cups, water and ice for your drinks. Please bring your guests and let’s have a fun time. Call Joan Tisdel if you have any questions and leave a message. (For directions, please see the notice posted on the courtyard bulletin board.)



Wedding Shower  --  We will be honoring Amber Parker and Carlos Fernandez on Sunday evening, June 8, at 6:00 p.m. with a shower from the theme of “I Love Lucy” from the 1950s. We will have prizes for the best costume from that era, the best dessert and the best potluck dish. Please come join us for a fun evening of dinner and fellowship. Please bring plenty of your favorite potluck dish to share for dinner. They are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and also like items from Pier I Imports. As they have just recently graduated from college and have lived in dorm rooms, they are in need of any household items.

**Amber and Carlos will be getting married June 14 at Box R Ranch in the campground area at 5:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend the wedding.


Also, we want to congratulate Amber on her recent graduation from York College with her degree in Psychology. Carlos graduated last year from York college with a Business Major degree.



CAMPERS: Remember to turn in your registration form ASAP. We need to know how many campers to plan activities for ASAP. Registrations are located on the information center in the courtyard. Registration Deadline is June 15!!


The Ladies Class Tea Party will be Thursday, June 19. Please meet in the church parking lot at 10:30 a.m. We will car-pool to the Painted Lady Tea House in Myrtle Creek for lunch and a fun afternoon. The address is 231 NW 3rd Avenue, Myrtle Creek, OR;   541-733-7646.

VBS may seem a long way off, but it will be here sooner than you think, so we need to plan ahead and be ready for it! Our VBS theme this year is: Kingdom Rock - Where Kids Stand Strong for the Lord, and is for kids who have finished Kindergarten through 6th grade.

We will need teachers, food items, help with set up and clean up, carnival booth help and prizes, help with the gift each child will receive and much more. If you need more info please contact Denise Beeks.



Prayer Requests . . . . For Severta Shipley as she continues to improve at home - she is under eight hour-a-day care now, but would love company - please call first before going to visit her. It was so good to see her at services this past week...For K Li for her shoulder to heal so that she won’t need surgery...For Rosa Gomez - her cancer symptoms have worsened. She would appreciate your prayers and cards - her address is C/O: Brier Oak on Sunset, 5154 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027...Nathan & Dawn Lake request your prayers for the safety of friends coming to visit them from Texas...For Amber Parker and Carlos Fernandez as they travel home from Nebraska...For Dillon Roach who broke every bone in his foot in a bicycle accident - prayers for his healing after surgery this week...For our graduating high school and university students - to keep talking to God day and night as life happens...For Richard Rigsby to have peace and happiness in his life...Nick Love requests prayers for everyone who is traveling and for the families that have lost loved ones in the military or have a loved one serving in the military...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




Placing Membership  -- Please welcome to our West Main Family A.J. Anderson.  Please meet A.J. this Sunday if you haven’t already.

Servers for June:

Greeters: Louis and Clara Arnold; Mike and Carlena Eddy

Coffee Servers: Help Needed!!!


Attendance for May

1st Sunday 257                       

2nd Sunday 331                      

3rd Sunday 274

4th Sunday 250



Calendar of Events

June 1: BBQ After Morning Services

June 5: Prime Timers Picnic

June 8: Potluck Dinner and Wedding Shower for Amber Parker & Carlos Fernandez; 6:00 p.m.;FSR

June 14: Parker/Fernandez Wedding; 5:00 p.m.; Box R Ranch

June 19: Ladies Class Tea Party; 10:30 a.m. Car-pool from church parking lot

June 29-July 5: CAMP

July 21-25: VBS