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Home Bulletins June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014





Camp time is finally here and it is NO exaggeration that we are going to have the biggest, best and most amazing year ever! The theme, lessons, games, activities and facilities are lined up to make this year magical! This year we are starting FRESH at a new camp and WE ARE EXCITED to see what God has planned for us.


Please pray for all of our campers and staff this next week. Pray for hearts to be opened to the love of God and pray for our staff as they reach out to our campers to help them grow in God’s love.







Our God has highly favored man by what he has allowed him to know and understand. Although the makeup of our bodies is much like those of animals, people have been singled out for knowing that we have a Creator and, in the coming of Jesus Christ, what our Maker is like. He not only made us in his image, but he has treated us with commensurate dignity. In this writing we will marvel at what he has allowed men to understand in both the physical and spiritual realms.



In scientific studies of matter and light, the units used for measuring size in the material world range from fifteen decimals less than a meter (the Fermi), to fifteen decimals larger than a meter (the light year). Discovery and measurement of this unthinkable separation in size is a monument to man’s insight – gained mostly in the last century. It describes the extent of God’s doing in the realms of the tiny and the vast.



Laws have been discovered, many of which can be expressed in the logical language of mathematics that govern the physical world and our own bodies. Great order has been seen in what earlier appeared to be disorder. The storehouse of this kind of information has become so large that while making use of it men must specialize in narrow parts of it.



In the realm of electricity, James Maxwell was able to formulate four equations that describe the behavior of all electromagnetic usages. In producing work from heat energy, Rudolph Clausius discovered the key (entropy) to under-standing the necessary waste of engines we build today. Daniel Bernoulli, in his study of fluids, paved the road to understanding the design of airplanes. Max Planck discovered that light is emitted in quanta, or discrete bundles of energy, and ushered in the use of quantum mechanics. In chemistry, Linus Pauling was able to explain the nature of the bonds that hold atoms together. Einstein gave us equations describing how mass can be changed into enormous bursts of energy.



These discoveries – and many others – have humbled some men, and have intoxicated others. While men have been allowed to “think God’s thoughts after him” only a few have stopped to acknowledge the Author of it all. Isaac Newton, after publishing his great insights in the movements of earthly and heavenly bodies, declared his conviction that it could not have happened by accident. Amen!



Still more remarkable has been our God’ revelation of his own nature in the sending of Jesus Christ. While his love for man can be seen in nature by those who look for it, it is shouted out plainly in his revealed word. Truth of this kind has not been left to experimentation. Man’s urgent need to know how we should therefore live explains the emphasis of the Bible on the spiritual instead of the physical world.



Inseparable from God’s gift of knowing and understanding his Word is the consequent responsibility on the part of man. We must respond to what he has let us know (See John 15:22).


– James Gibbs




KIA and Service Projects Calendar

Wednesday Evenings -- 6:30-7:30 p.m.

July 2: KIA Singing - time and place to be announced. See Denise Beeks for info.

July 6:  Please come join us for Friendship Day and our Italian Potluck after morning services on July 6. We will once again be serving Italian Ice for dessert. Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us and bring lots of your favorite Italian dishes to share.

July 9: Family Scavenger Hunt: 6:30 p.m.



Sunday Evening Ladies Class will begin this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. at the building.   We will be studying Soul Keeping, Caring for the Most Important Part of You. If you would like to order a book, please contact Jessie Pannell or Toni Parker.



Vacation Bible School  --   Our VBS theme this year is: Kingdom Rock - Where Kids Stand Strong for the Lord, and is for kids who have finished Kindergarten through 6th grade. If you need more info or would like to volunteer to help, please contact Denise Beeks.



Nursery Help Needed  --   We need help with our Sunday Morning Nursery during services. If you can help with a Sunday, please contact Diane Liles to volunteer.




Prayer Requests . . . . For Lorena Dickison who had brain surgery - please pray for her full recovery...For Gaby Dimas who has Hepatitis C. She is doing well with her treatments in Fresno...For Rosa Gomez as she continues cancer treatment under hospice care in Los Angeles...For Wade Bryant who had surgery on both of his arms and is in a lot of pain. Pray for comfort and a speedy recovery...Alex Goa has been sick and would like prayers for healing so that he will be able to attend camp...K Li asks prayers for her left shoulder to heal so she won’t have to have surgery and for her son, George, to come to the Lord...Lori Ragsdale requests prayers for her mother, Shery Ragsdale, who is under hospice care...David Mayes asks prayers for his caregiver’s mother-in-law to get better. She was hospitalized this week with kidney problems; for Cora to be a bold witness to her friends and for David to be a man of integrity...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




Thank You Note We would like to thank everyone for the cards, calls, flowers, food and especially your prayers following the death of John’s father.   John & Tammy Icenhower & Family



Graduation Open House  -- Buddy and Melanie Rennels invite you to an Open House as they honor their son, Blain Rennels, on his graduation from Oregon State University. Open house will be Sunday, July 6th, from 2:00-4:00 p.m., at their home.



Frunk / Flock Wedding  --Thadd Flock & Jasmine Frunk are to be married on Saturday, July 19, in Estacada, OR. If you plan on going please RSVP to September Flock or at

*Thadd & Jasmine are registered at Target and at Bed / Bath and Beyond.

*If you are unable to attend the wedding, but would still like to send a card or gift, please give them to September.



Calendar of Events

June 29-July 5: CAMP

July 6: Friendship Sunday; Italian Potluck after Morning Services

           Open House for Blain Rennels; 2:00-4:00 p.m.

July 9: Family Scavenger Hunt; 6:30 p.m.

July 19: Jasmine Frunk and Thadd Flock Wedding in Estacada, OR;

              RSVP by June 27 to September

July 21-25: VBS