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Home Bulletins October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014



the act of withdrawing into seclusion; a period of group withdrawal

for religious exercises and meditation, and for study and direction



It’s a crazy and busy world. Modern families have schedules that make one dizzy! Between soccer games, plays, choir practice, studies, football, church and grocery shopping, it’s VERY hard for parents to find any time for themselves. And sadly, it’s often harder to find time to work on our spiritual lives. Sometimes, we really need to force time into our schedules for this. That is why churches often host such events called RETREATS.



They are times to get away from the pressures of the “real world” for a brief period and focus on resting our souls and minds, and listening to God. They are times to laugh and play with friends; times to close our eyes; times to create and strengthen community and family. They’re WONDERFUL events if we will just give ourselves over to them.



It really is important for us to strive to lead balanced lives. This balance MUST include REST. I suspect that many of us justify our own busy lives by making the excuse that Jesus was busy too. But was He as busy in the way we seem to be? Spend some time reading through the gospels, specifically asking yourself the question: How did Jesus spend His time on earth? You will quickly see that Jesus did have a very balanced life. There were times when He was really busy, but those were usually balanced with relaxed times when He walked and talked with His friends or withdrew into the hills to pray. Busy times of work and teaching the crowds and disciples were always balanced with times of solitude, praying, meditating, and renewing His focus on God.



So, I believe it is essential we rest too, and that we RETREAT! For all the amazing accomplishments modern culture boasts, we often forget the simple things. We need to learn to relax and enjoy life. It is good to take a nap, slow down, and look around at the glorious world God has created.



West Main has a Women’s Retreat coming very soon. If anyone deserves a break, it HAS to be the modern day woman! They rarely get time to themselves out of the house that includes interaction with other adults, rather than diapers or homework! It is my sincere prayer that our women will take the time to go and our men will support this effort. We are blessed with some amazing women here, and I am excited to see what God continues to do through them. Jesus understood the need for retreat. Do we?


– Pannell




It’s Not About Me

(Kenneth Tanner)



“We live, in fact, in a society that is so subjective and individualistic in character that it finds itself less and less able to tolerate anything like a church.”     Philip Turner III



Bingo. The origin of our turnoff about church is in us.



The church is first, not something about me. I come to the body of Christ—the people of God yet alive from centuries past, a gathering of all the saints, seated before I was born, that yet continues after I am dead to this world—and it’s just not about me here.



My preferences, my thoughts, my predilections, my biases, my agendas are judged by the body of Christ, regnant, suffering and beautiful. I have no standing to judge her.



Even the particular churches to which we belong—with their hypocrites (like us), hyper-developed and over-elevated doctrines, petty politics, filled with folks that are so, um, different from me—are the arena in which, if I am paying attention, the Spirit is calling me to greater faithfulness, simplicity of confession, humility, prayer and love of others.



This is why I resist our society’s privatization of church—Jesus, me, my Bible; me and my closest friends; me and my family—and insist on the public gathering, where times for the adoration and contemplation of Jesus are posted and made known and where all persons are welcome; that is church and nothing else, however beneficial and good—not concerts where people pay to get in, not dinners out with friends, not your Christian club at school—should be labeled “church.”



C.S. Lewis said he came to understand that he wasn’t fit to fasten the boots of his fellow congregants; that is the realm of mind and heart in which we begin to see and comprehend the inescapable necessity of the church.




We Need Your Help! We need every available person to join us at our Kings Hwy property at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, October 4, as we will be re-roofing the house. See Buddy Rennels or Trevor Denn with any questions.



Our Women’s Retreat is scheduled for October 10-12 in Bend, Oregon. Charla Simpson will bless us this year as our speaker. Please contact Jessie Pannell with any questions or to get your registration. We can’t wait to be together again!



God’s Family  -- The Alta Mesa Church of Christ in Redding, CA, has invited us to a Week-End Meeting, October 17-19.  For more info please see the notice posted on the courtyard bulletin board.



Coffee Servers are needed for December. Please sign up on the list posted in the hallway by the stairs.  Thank you for your help.



Life Chain Prayer Event . . . . will be held this Sunday, October 5, at 2:45 p.m. at the corner of Biddle and McAndrews Roads. This event is to help put an end to abortion through prayer. For more info contact Zana Walker.





Prayer Requests . . . Pat Morris requests prayers for our neighborhood outreach – strength for Gayle and her family; and for Judy to come up with the money for her property taxes...For Jenny Way to have more patience...David Mayes requests prayers for Cora to be a positive influence; improved health for Layla; for Mikey to accept Christ; and for himself to be more Christlike...The Pannell Family asks prayers for their 94 year old neighbor, Genevieve, who is suffering from throat cancer - please pray that she goes in peace and that the Pannell family can be a comfort for her...For Mari, who is depressed with her job and is looking for a new job...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




Our Love and Sympathy go to the family of Wade Bryant who passed away on Sunday. Wade had suffered a massive heart attack last Friday.


Wade had been a sheriff’s deputy in Southern California. While on the job, he suffered a bad accident. This accident resulted in Wade having multiple surgeries throughout his lifetime. When he was no longer able to work as a deputy, he enrolled in Sunset School of Preaching. After that he began preaching at a small church in Girard, Texas.


When Wade lived in Boise, Idaho he started the Anchor Prison Ministry. After his move to Medford he started the same ministry here, which is one of our current ministries. Wade was a loving man and cared about those people who were in jail.


Services for Wade are on Thursday, October 2, in the auditorium at 6:00 p.m. Please bring cookies for the fellowship time after the services.



August Financial Statement


General Fund Contributions        $22,193.00
Non-Budgeted Contributions           $284.17
Development Funds & Rents        $1,778.00
Interest/Other Income                   $300.61

Total Income for Month       $24,555.78


Administration and Payroll        $12,553.97
Youth on Fire                               $992.85
Vision Ministries                           $140.18
Office                                          $426.98
Nurturing Brethren                         $69.47
Operational Ministries                $3,712.82
Worship & Facilities                   $1,281.39
Non-Budgeted Mission                  $232.14
Development & Kings Hwy         $4,229.37

Total Monthly Expenses      $23,639.17




October   Servers

Coffee Servers: Randy & Ronalie Sweet

Greeters: Josh & Chaley Johnson

                Charlie & Michele Michael


October 5: Jessica Fitzsimmons
October 12: Whitney Augustson
October 19: Codi Spodnik
October 26: Diane Liles


Attendance for September

1st  Sunday    237   4th Sunday N/A
2nd Sunday    230
3rd Sunday    232



Calendar of Events

October 10-12: Ladies Retreat in Bend, OR

October 26: Anniversary Sunday