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Home Bulletins October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014






This week we will continue the article on Children’s Ministry by Pastor Johnny Johnson at Sticky Faith:



Leave Space for Questions and Doubt.  Eventually, a teenager wrestling with a healthy understanding of their faith will have doubts and questions. Church needs to be a safe place to wrestle with those things. If we allow the children in our ministries to ask questions at a young age, hopefully they will feel comfortable doing so when their questions and doubts get more serious.



Look for Ways for Children to Serve in the Church.  Shadow an usher, help with greeting, put the cups out for coffee. The possibilities here differ from church to church but the more children are serving alongside adults the easier it is to create inter-generational relationships.



Teach the Gospel.  Children’s Ministries can be guilty of teaching “law.” Children are concrete thinkers and teaching the do’s and don’ts is easier than trying to teach something as abstract as grace. When we do teach the moral side of Christianity, we have to be careful to explain why we live that way: Because of Jesus. And out of gratitude for God’s grace. More importantly, our children need to see the gospel lived out in our lives.



What ways are you seeing Sticky Faith lived out in the children’s ministry at your church? What other ideas do you have for starting young?



I am very proud of the incredible Biblical education our kids get at this church. Many thanks to all of you who have given countless hours in this endeavor. I look forward to this tradition continuing into the future, and seeing how God will continue to bless this body through you!


– Pannell








Last week I wrote about how those who often compel solemn and sad feelings when coming to the Lord’s Supper misuse, if not misunderstand, certain passages from First Corinthians chapter eleven. The Apostle Paul warns the Corinthians, “For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died” (11:29-30). Now those who opt mostly for feeling solemn point to God’s disciplining certain Corinthians with illness and death for practicing the Lord’s Supper in this “unworthy manner,” thus “profaning the body and blood of the Lord” (11:27).



Now if the potential discipline of the Lord is illness or even death when coming to the Lord’s Supper on Sunday morning, I imagine a mood and atmosphere of solemnness, seriousness, and sadness is in order. After all, I might die if I do not correctly discern the Lord’s body. Over the years I have heard Lord’s Supper meditations use Paul’s words to warn us, “Brothers and Sisters, you had better be thinking about Jesus’ body right now, or God may discipline you with illness or death! Now let us pray.” Yikes! How should I feel right before someone serves me food saying, “You might get ill or die if you do not eat this correctly?”



What if my thoughts wander a bit when partaking of the Lord’s Supper? If I am not continually thinking of the Lord’s body when eating and drinking the bread and fruit of the vine, then God may strike me dead? If that is the case, then I am going to repeat the words, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” every second of the Lord’s Supper, so as not to take the Lord’s Supper in an “unworthy manner.” No matter how disciplined my thoughts when partaking of the Lord’s Supper, I will always have a feeling of fear that I might not be thinking the right thoughts.



But as mentioned last week, how or in what way were the Corinthians not “discerning the body” of Christ (11:29-30)? Paul says, “For in eating, each one goes ahead with his own meal. One goes hungry, another gets drunk,” and then concludes his thoughts by commanding, “So then, my brothers, when you come together to eat, wait for one another- if anyone is hungry, let him eat at home- so that when you come together it will not be for judgment” (11:21; 11:33-34).



Certain Corinthians (most likely the well-to-do) were not sharing their food during the love feast surrounding the Lord’s Supper. Remember how in the initial days of the Church, the Christians “were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts” (Acts 2:44-46)? The children of God were known for their unity in love by their sharing with all whatever their needs.



Since we have been given everything we need in Jesus, we no longer act as the world does in hoarding our resources to the detriment of others. In allowing the poorer Christians to go hungry, certain Corinthians provoked God’s displeasure by displaying their disbelief in Jesus by their selfishness. We fail to discern the body of Christ when we neglect the physical needs of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ (the Church). Paul reminds the Corinthians, “Or do you despise the church of God and humiliate those who have nothing?” (11:22).



Now when coming to the Lord’s Supper we need to ask, “How do you feel about those who are poorer and more in need that surround you?”


To be continued . . .                                                     – Terry





Refresh & Renewal  --  We are planning some unique times of fellowship and worship in the upcoming year. In the month of January, as a congregation, we are calling upon the Lord to grant us “times of refreshing.” We are calling upon the Lord to show us a clear vision as to the future direction of the West Main Church of Christ. What can you do now? Pray. Pray daily along with our servant leaders.


In the next couple of months, we will share more specific details as to what exactly we will be doing as a gathered Body of Christ.



Our Adopted Children  --  ***A big Thank You to all the parents and children who donated items for our bake sale for our adopted children and for those people who bought items. We were able to raise $308.00 for our adopted children. Thank you Bible Busters 3rd & 4th Grade Class for your generous and caring hearts.



Family Dress-Up and Game Night will be in the Fireside Room this Friday night, October 31st from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Please bring your own dinner, games that you want to play and a treat to share. Come join us for a night of fellowship and fun with your family and please invite your friends to join us! For more info, please contact Connie Ivey.



Coffee Servers are needed for the month of December.  Please sign up on the sheet posted in the hallway by the stairs.  Thank you for all of your help.



Prayer Requests . . . . For Ed Way who is now undergoing chemotherapy...For a friend of Cameron Sweet, Tommy Winningham, as he continues to heal from a broken leg...Continued prayers for Russell Sutherlin for his collarbone to heal...It was good to see Barbara Logsdon here on Sunday as she continues to heal from her broken arms...For the daughter of Don and Alice Sweet, Lori, as she recovers from surgery this week...For friends of David Mayes: Cora - to be a good influence on her friends; Layla - for good health; Mikey - to come to Christ; and for David to be more Christlike...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




Thank You to everyone who helped make our Anniversary Sunday such a joyous day! We appreciate all of your hard work! Also, thank you to Jay Allen for his sermon on our special day. We appreciate all of our guests who came to celebrate with us.


Thank You NoteMy care packages finally arrived today. I can’t say thank you enough. There are so many goodies in there I got to share some things with my Battle Buddies and to stock up on snacks. Please tell everyone who helped, “thank you.” I am once again very grateful.  Cory Murray




September Financial Statement


General Fund Contributions        $17,013.30
Non-Budgeted Contributions           $511.21
Development Funds & Rents        $2,252.00
Interest/Other Income                       $0.63

Total Income for Month        $19,777.14


Administration and Payroll        $12,267.51
Youth on Fire                               $797.88
Vision Ministries                        ($640.99)
Office                                          $848.51
Nurturing Brethren                    $1,527.93
Operational Ministries                $1,633.29
Worship & Facilities                   $1,324.70
Non-Budgeted Mission               $1,094.87
Development & Kings Hwy         $4,162.13

Total Monthly Expenses      $23,015.83



November Servers:

Coffee Servers: Gloria Way
Mark & Kristy Moreno;
                Grant & Valda Newton
Nov 2: Diane Liles
Nov 9 & 16: Ronalie Sweet
Nov 23:
Codi Spodnik
Nov 30:
Laurie Morris

Attendance for October
1st  Sunday    215   3rd Sunday      237
2nd Sunday    198   4th Sunday      263



Calendar of Events

Nov 1: Daylight Saving Time Ends !  Set your clocks back
one hour when you go to bed on Saturday night.

Nov 27:
Thanksgiving Dinner at the building; 2:00 p.m. 

             Contact Laura Drew if you would like to help.