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Home Bulletins January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015






The last three weeks at West Main have truly been special—historical even. We have experienced a tremendous outpouring of confession, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. We have witnessed the healing of wounded memories, feelings, and relationships. A fog of sorts appears to be lifting from our congregation. A new hope, a spirit of reinvigoration, and vision is making itself felt in our congregation. The question that now emerges is, “So now what? Where do we go from here?”



The short answer: I do not know! We have had a “mountain-top” type experience these past few weeks. But now we need to come down the mountain and live day to day lives. In other words, the wonderful spiritual experience we are enjoying does not stop the electric bill from coming in the mail. The kids do not stop fighting. The car still needs gas. The boss still expects you at work. The trash needs to be taken out, along with a thousand other obligations and expectations. Nothing seems to kill spirituality faster than the daily routines of life.



As a congregation we need to guard ourselves against “Moses Mountain-top Malady!” In Exodus we read (Exodus 32:1):

When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron and said, “Come, make us gods who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who brought us up out of Egypt, we don’t know what has happened to him.”



Recall that Moses was atop of the mountain for forty days receiving the Ten Commandments from God. Despite God’s people having experienced the power of God in Egypt, the splitting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven, and water from the flat dead rock, they quickly lost sight of these spiritual experiences and fell back into their old unfaithful ways.



In a similar way, we as a congregation are experiencing mountain-top type spirituality. But what happens now as we come down the mountain from these past few weeks? Will we fall back into a malady of old habits and patterns if the intensity of the last few weeks is not experienced every worship service of every week? Will we in essence say, “As for this sacred renewal stuff, we do not know what has happened to it”? If we do not see men crying every service, then will we think the past few weeks were for nothing?



The challenge that faces us now is to remember what convicted us of lukewarmness, apathy, and neglect. We need to take our mountain-top experience down into the valley of daily routines. Faithful spirituality is not lost at the top of the mountain where we seem to gain perspective and vision. Our spirituality struggles when the day to day odds and ends captures our attention in the valley of daily routines.



So again, “Now what? Where do we go from here?” Again, “I do not know!” What I can say is this: “You will not avoid Moses mountain-top malady without rigorous spiritual discipline.” In the coming weeks we will as a congregation offer you support in the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, fasting, and service. Anyone can “talk the talk,” but will we “walk the talk” of these past few weeks? Who will be disciplined to seek God in the daily routines of life? So the question is now put to you, brothers and sisters, “So now what? Where do you go from here?”


– Terry



Prayer Circle  -- For the next few weeks on Wednesday evenings, we will be offering a time to gather together to pray for one another and the Lord’s church at West Main. We will meet in the auditorium to pray, read scripture, sing and encourage one another.

What is a prayer circle? It’s a time for God’s people to gather and surround each other in prayer as we seek Him and His will. If this is a time that would grow your spiritual walk, we encourage you to join us. The prayer circle will be facilitated by one of our elders every week

This dedicated prayer time is for anyone, any age. We will meet from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the auditorium. May the Lord’s Church be blessed. Your Elders



2015 Directory  --  Our proof copy of the directory is posted in the hallway by the East Room. Please review your listing and initial it if everything is correct or make the necessary corrections or additions. If your name is not listed and you would like to be included in our directory, please add your information on the sheet posted for new names.

*Also, if you would like to be added to or removed from the Prayer Chain, please check that listing also.



Our Mexico Dinner and Auction will be held on Saturday, February 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room. This year’s project will focus on rebuilding the camp kitchen and men’s restroom facilities which are being torn down to make way for a road. If you have items to donate for the auction, please contact Valda Newton.


***Also, if you are planning to go on our Mexico Trip during Spring Break, March 21-29, please contact Valda or the church office for your registration forms. Forms will be available this Sunday, February 1. You will need to have your money and registrations returned by March 1.You will need to have either a passport or a passcard to travel to Mexico. If you don’t have either one yet, you need to submit your application at the passport office ASAP as the application takes about six to eight weeks to process.



Camp Yamhill Men’s Retreat  -- West Main will be hosting the men’s retreat at Camp Yamhill, March 6-8. The cost for the weekend is $88.00. Our speaker this year is Rich Little from the University Church of Christ at Pepperdine University. You are encouraged to pre-register on the Yamhill website at or you may register when you arrive. More details to come.



Prayer Requests . . . . Continued prayers for Rosa Gomez who has brain cancer...Continued prayers for Nino and Gaby Dimas as they do their work in Mexico and for Gaby’s health to continue to improve...For the friends of David Mayes: Cora, Layla, Mike and Brandi - for their health to improve and to accept Christ and for David to be more Christlike...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.



New Baby  --  Sandra Cummings is pleased to announce the birth of her new grandson, Liam Alexander, who was born to Alex and Makenna Cummings on Sunday, January 25th. Liam weighed in at seven pounds and two ounces and was twenty inches long. Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing great. Congratulations to all!



Baby Showers:   Please mark your calendars for two upcoming baby showers.  We will be celebrating with a couples shower on Sunday, February 22, at 6:00 p.m. for Jed and Ashley Rennels and Blain and Kelsey Rennels.  More details to come.




December  Financial Statement


General Fund Contributions        $21,599.80
Non-Budgeted Contributions           $517.46
Development Funds & Rents        $1,507.25
Interest/Other Income                   $204.51
Total Income for Month        $22,617.23


Administration and Payroll         $17,736.83
Youth on Fire                                $665.76
Vision Ministries                         $2,246.31
Office                                        $1,051.09
Nurturing Brethren                     $4,795.73
Operational Ministries                 $2,251.86
Worship & Facilities                    $1,229.16
Non-Budgeted Mission                   $530.87
Development & Kings Hwy          $4,150.89
Total Monthly Expenses       $34,658.50



February Servers:

Coffee Servers: Laura Drew; Betty Lake
Greeters: Brian & Jessie Pannell
                Trevor & Jennielle Denn
Feb 1 & 8: Callista Robbins
Feb 15 & 22: Whitney Augustson

Attendance for January

 1st  Sunday    252   3rd Sunday      250
2nd Sunday    277   4th Sunday      284