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Home Bulletins February 25, 2015

February 25, 2015





Many times I’ve heard others say, “Oh, you teach a class of little kids? Oh, you poor thing; you’re a glutton for punishment.” My mind reacts, “You poor thing. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what a wealth of blessing you’re missing.”



Poor thing, indeed! There are few moments as precious as seeing the dancing eyes of a little child as he sees the big fish (made of a bleach bottle) swallow Jonah (a puppet) and then to see relief come and the whole body relax and settle against his chair when he sees that, “God took care of Jonah and He will take care of me if I obey Him.”



Then there is the excited voice of a little one tugging on mother and daddy to “come and see the ten lepers Jesus made well.” It may look like a pitiful sight; the wall picture with ten figures (?) possibly with no necks, or all legs and no bodies, but you will never convince those youngsters that it isn’t a work of art!



ME, a poor thing? When I hear from three seats back the loud whisper, “Mommy, that’s my teacher,” then I receive the most moving, most enjoyable, most blessing-filled hour of the week. NO, I wouldn’t trade all that for a comfortable chair in a quiet adult class and who knows, the Bible class YOU teach to children, may lead someone to heaven who otherwise might not have seen the WAY of the Lord. Sorry, that POOR THING is not me at all!



“Father, open our eyes to the joy and thrill of helping students discover the great truths of Your Word and to see the excitement and love in their eyes as they come to understand Your love a little more clearly.” In Jesus’ name.


(From the Files)







This coming Sunday we will explore more fully truths touched upon in our previous sermons in Ephesians. These truths center on choice, love, and time. Paul declares in the opening of the letter:



Even as [God the Father] chose us in [Jesus] before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love 5 he predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will (Ephesians 1:4-5).



Paul manages to pack within two verses some of the most profound, if not complicated, truths of our Christian faith. Why and how are we to be impacted by what the Father accomplishes in Jesus “before the foundation of the world”? What does it mean for us to be predestined by God’s choice for love? Does God’s predestined choice to love us before the foundation of the world cancel out my own free-will? If God has already made His choice to love us before the foundation of the world, and therefore before our own existence in the world, then what role do our own choices have in life? Does God just know what we are going to do and therefore “predestines” what He will do in response to our choices? Or does God determine our choices? What about the role of prayer? Do we pray to change God’s mind or are we really just praying for God to reveal what He has already determined?



But more important than these aspects of time is the thought of God making a choice. We often speak of our own free-will and often neglect to consider God’s free-will. We perhaps think God is somehow bound to save us or have a relationship with us. Yet, we will see from Ephesians that God is under no universal obligation to do anything! God makes a choice to love us knowing full well our own choice not to love Him through our choices to sin. Sin is not merely a moral violation of an arbitrarily constructed legal code of rules. More fully, sin is a choice to break fellowship with God.



What we will explore this Sunday are the effects of God making His own choice to love us despite our choice not to love Him. What impact does God’s predestined choice of love have on us psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually? But now turn the previous question around and ask, “Does God’s choice to love us when we do not love Him have any potential impact on how God feels?” In other words, does God making a choice open Him up to being vulnerable to being rejected by us? Or does God’s choice not really have any impact on God since He determines how we will respond? If God determines our response, then is God really risking anything in His choice to love us? Must there be the risk of rejection rooted in free-will for love to be genuine? Some of us may not have even gotten past the previous question of God even feeling! Does God feel or is feeling just a human characteristic? Come this Sunday as we explore these questions in one short sermon….smile.


– Terry




Daddy-Daughter-Dinner-Dance . . . will be held on April 18, in the early evening. Space is limited to forty girls and their dates - registration will open this Sunday, March 1. The cost is $24.00 per couple and tickets will go on sale in mid-March. If you think that you will be coming - please register with Marcie Dixon. You may call her, e-mail her, or see her this Sunday. Payment will be due by April 5 and is non-refundable. There are many girls who have already asked if they may register and the spots will go quickly.


This will be a special evening - all girls ages 5-18 years old are invited to attend. This year’s theme is loosely based on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Each young lady will get a special charm and special handmade photo folder with a 5x7 photo of herself with her date. Dinner and dessert is delicious and our evenings are always fun and memorable.

Contact Marcie if you have more questions or would like to register. More details to come.



College Boxes  --  Our college kids love our boxes that we send to them! We need items for our boxes here by this Sunday, March 1, or you may donate funds for shipping and gift cards. Please give your donations to the church office, Denise Beeks, or put your donation in an envelope marked for college boxes.



Teacher Needed -- We need a teacher for our 2nd and 3rd Grade Class for Sunday morning. If you can help, please contact Denise Beeks.



Camp Yamhill Men’s Retreat  --   West Main will be hosting the men’s retreat at Camp Yamhill on March 6-8. The cost for the weekend is $88.00.   You are encouraged to pre-register on the Yamhill website at or you may register when you arrive. All men are invited to attend.



Vacation Bible School is scheduled for July 13-17 this year. If you missed our planning meeting and would like to help in any way, please contact Denise Beeks.


Thanks for all of your help with our Mexico Mission Auction and Dinner. We raised $4,978.00 for our trip this next month. We appreciate everyone’s generosity for this event.


Prayer Requests & PraisesThe Pannell family has been ill this past week with the flu - they appreciate everyone for their prayers, pick-up and deliveries. They are seeing some recovery now...For a friend of Peggy Woods, Martie, who is dealing with cancer treatment...Reed Barlow is not feeling well after eye surgery - please pray for his speedy healing...For Doug Parker to find a full time job...For Shirley Morgan who is having trouble with her knee...For Bob Trimmer’s hip pain to ease...Debbie’s co-worker’s uncle is very ill - please pray for him and his family...Terrie Becker would like to thank God for her church family and His healing touch - her tumor was benign! Thank you for all your prayers, love and meals - God is Good!...For Rheanna, Christina Duarte’s older sister, who has epilepsy and had a seizure on Saturday - she is worried that her condition is getting worse - she is okay, but please pray for her healing...Lula Fenley fell and isn’t doing well - please pray for her recovery... For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




January Financial Statement

General Fund Contributions        $22,162.57
Non-Budgeted Contributions       $22,388.76
Development Funds & Rents         $1,852.75
Interest/Other Income                        $1.09
Total Income for Month         $46,405.17

Administration and Payroll          $13,074.96
Youth on Fire                               $1,091.11
Vision Ministries                           $1,353.88
Office                                             $619.04
Nurturing Brethren                          $605.75
Operational Ministries                   $2,128.44
Worship & Facilities                         $954.68
Non-Budgeted Mission                $18,784.75
Development & Kings Hwy            $4,957.50  
Total Monthly Expenses         $43,570.11




March Servers:

Coffee Servers: Laura Drew; Betty Lake
Greeters: Russ & Shawna Gann
                Josh & Chaley Johnson  
March 1 & 8: Chaley & Naomi Johnson
March 15: Kathy York
March 22 & 29: Connie & Lucas Ivey

Attendance for February
1st  Sunday    247   3rd Sunday      233
2nd Sunday    239   4th Sunday      233



Calendar of Events

March 6-8: Camp Yamhill Men’s Retreat

March 21-29: Mexico Mission Trip

April 18:  Daddy/Daughter Dinner Dance

June 28-July 4: CAMP

July 13-17: VBS