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Home Bulletins April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015








Our youth group will be taking off on a new ministry adventure! For the first time we are leaving this state for our summer mission trip. We will be flying to Tuba City, Arizona, to work on a  Navajo Indian Reservation. We will be teaming up with the youth groups from East County Church of Christ in Gresham and the Newberg Church of Christ.  



We will be working in many ways while there. Tuba City is at poverty level, and most of its citizens struggle to make ends meet. So we will be working for them in the morning helping with building projects, house repairs, storing fire wood for the winter, etc. We want to serve them in love. In the afternoons, we will help lead a VBS for local children and several nights will host teen events for the locals, all in hopes of sharing the joy of the gospel message.



We are very excited! It is going to be a wonderful and life changing trip. We have eleven team members embarking from West Main. It is going to take LOTS of fundraising, as each person has to fund their travel, food, etc.  Some of you will get a letter requesting help. (We made sure that no one at church gets more than one request.)  We also want our team to EARN this, so as to have more ownership. So, now these kids are “FOR HIRE!”  They are willing to help you clean, do yard work, paint, babysit, ANYTHING you need, in order to help fund their mission efforts.  If you have a job, please contact Brian  and we will get you the help you need.  We can work with any schedule and any request.  Here are the “laborers in the vineyard”:



Jeremiah Bigboy, Zach Kirk, Jonah Michael, Courtney Denn, Michala Denn, Dylan Moreno, Paul Flock, Katie Covington.

Need help? They are willing!!!!  Please contact us ASAP.


– Pannell






(The Lord first showed us how)



In the many arid parts of the Middle East, oil seems to be more plentiful than fresh water. However, oil wealth has come to their rescue with desalination of seawater. Even here in Southern California, our wasteful ways have humbled us to making fresh water out of seawater at great cost. To do this, man has mostly used distillation or one-way membranes. In this writing it gives us pleasure to recount how the Lord has been purifying seawater for us all the while – as a free gift.



Oceans may be thought of as recycling reservoirs for fresh water. River-caused land erosion adds a load of contaminants as excess rainwater returns to the sea. We have noted in earlier writings that these salts and minerals are welcomed by the oceans, where they are put to good use. They are not welcome in the water we drink, or in growing the plants that we eat. We need to remove these impurities for our use.



Salty water can be distilled by heating it and collecting the escaping vapors. Cooling the resulting vapors causes condensation and yields fresh water that is free of salts and other impurities. The heat wasted in this process together with plant equipment is costly.



The use of semi-permeable membranes is a still more expensive way to filter out salt and other impurities. Commonly known as reverse osmosis, this method is often used where the amount of salt and other minerals is less than found in seawater. In California, where fresh water costs are in excess of $1400 per acre foot, farmers sometimes bite the bullet and use this process for reducing salts in irrigation water for sensitive crops.



In contrast to our efforts in desalination, our Creator has employed the solar energy he has beamed to earth. Ocean surface waters are warmed and allow the escape of water vapor that is free of contaminants. When wafted over land by air currents, it is cooled when it collides with colder air masses, or pushed to cooler climes by mountains. Rain is the result of this marvelous design!



As for membranes that filter out salt, he has equipped fish with these. For even ocean life cannot handle too much salt.



There is still another way the Lord has separated salt out of seawater that man has not been able to copy efficiently. At the other end of the temperature scale from where vaporization occurs, the freezing of seawater also excludes salt during its crystallization. Small pockets of brine interspersed in the resulting ice take a long time to leach out. Since we are not on the same timetable as the Lord, we cannot wait for ice to become “old” and salt-free. However, arctic creatures that need fresh water are blessed with this source when melt occurs on floating ice.


                                                                  – James Gibbs





College Boxes  --     Please bring your donations for our college boxes this Sunday or you may give a cash donation to Denise Beeks for the boxes. Our college kids and Cory Murray, who is the military, really appreciate their boxes!Thank you for all of your help!



Please Mark Your Calendar for our annual Camp Fund-Raiser Dinner. It will be held on Saturday, May 16,at 6:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room. More details to come. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Pannell.

Southern Oregon Christian Camp -- We have a very fun theme this year, which we believe will be quite relevant and impactful for you. Our prayer is that you not only have a GREAT time, but you also grow closer in the Lord while doing so. We promise another year of exciting fun. All we need now is you !!!!


Mark your calendars for the week starting June 28th and be prepared for a life-changer! We will be getting out registrations soon. The cost will once again be around $200.00 (give or take $10.00 depending upon a few things being worked out.) We will have some scholarships and financial aid available - please contact Brian Pannell to find out what is available.


Are you ready? Can you handle it? What are your gifts and strengths? Which faction will you play in best? We will find out......


Family Camp-Out  -- Please come join us at Joseph Stewart State Park for a family camp-out on August 21-23.You need to make your camp reservations ASAP to reserve your campsite. Please make your reservation for Loop C. If you can’t get Loop C, please make it for Loop A. Campsite reservations are $22.00 per night. We will worship at the lake on Sunday, August 23. More details to come. If you need more info, please contact Stephen Liles.
Vacation Bible School  -- Our theme this year is, “Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid”, and to go along with that theme we will be purchasing a blanket for every child who attends VBS. If you would like to help with this please make your check out to the church and put it in an envelope (located on the tables at the back of the auditorium) and place in the contribution plate or give it to Denise Beeks. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and we couldn’t have VBS without them. We thank you for your generosity. Please see Denise to volunteer in any number of ways.   :)

Nursery Help --  If you can help in the nursery, please contact Diane Liles. Thank you.





Prayer Requests . . . For Evelyn Bates who is in RRMC - she had another stroke last Sunday - please pray for her comfort and recovery...For Martha Gentry who is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on Friday at RRMC...For the family of Marie Anthony who passed away last Saturday...Carlos Fernandes who is in the hospital with an infection in his wrist - please pray for his quick healing...For David Mayes to be more giving and Christlike and for his friends, Cora,to be a good influence; Tanya, good health for her baby; Brandi, prayers for her spiritual growth...For our President and all of our military men, women and families.




Our love, prayers, and sympathy are extended to the family of Marie Anthony who passed away last Saturday. Harold and Marie had been married for sixty-four years. They have three children, Charles, Lyle, and Lorena and twenty-five grandchildren and great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. She and Harold began attending West Main in 1958 after their move from Prospect. Marie enjoyed making quilts and various craft projects that she sold.


Services will be held later this summer. Marie will be missed - she had been a part of our West Main family for many years. Please remember Harold & family in your prayers and may God give them comfort and peace during this time.


Calendar of Events

April 18: Daddy/Daughter Dinner Dance

May 16: Camp Fund-Raiser Dinner; 6:00 p.m.; FSR

June 28: Camp Begins

July 13: VBS Begins